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My name is Zoe. I am 20 years old living near the city of Pittsburgh! This page is filled with all sorts of my life and posts that involve my interests.
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Human: “HAHAHA Animals are so dumb!”

*goes to war with its own species, uses up all of its resources, destroys its own environment, pollutes its own air and water*

Animal: *licks its own asshole*

human: *licks someone else’s asshole and calls it sex*

“You told me to trust you but I’m still coughing up water from the last time you let me drown.”

slovesgummybears (via 0riginal)


cloud iridescence - caused as light diffracts through tiny ice crystals or water droplets of uniform size, usually in lenticular clouds.


This made me so happy. He walked right up to me.

When did I get 94 notes on this post?!


im  dropping out of school to become a full time piece of shit

You’re allowed two hugs, one on arrival and one on d e p a r t u r e.


Office Safari by Mike & Ben

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I love everything about this


this may actually be one of my favourite photosets on tumblr


I find it really strange that when you’re in a long distance friendship or relationship all you want to do is see that person and being around them is the biggest most wonderful deal but there are people who interact with them
all the time, on the street and in the classroom and in the shops and it always makes me jealous because you want to be with this person so much and for everyone else they’re nothing special but for you they’re everything special

Pierce :’(